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The Ancient Burying Ground - Hartford's Oldest Historic Site

Ancient Burying Ground, Hartford, CTThe Ancient Burying Ground was a “municipal” property – anyone could be buried here. It was used from 1640 until the early 1800s. By then, other burying grounds were established, such as Old North and Old South. Hartford expanded and families moved. One must remember that the current footprint is only 1.3 acres with less than 450 stones standing. At one time the Ancient Burying Ground’s borders extended further out and included as many as 6,000 markers.

In 1836 the property had become an eyesore. Daniel Wadsworth, son of Col. Jeremiah Wadsworth, established the first Ancient Burying Ground Association for its care. He led efforts to create the first Founders Monument, which was later replaced in 1986. Many researchers are led to the Ancient Burying Ground because of the Founders Monument, established with names from the colonial land records.

Lists were developed of the stones “still standing” in the Ancient Burying Ground. In 1835 there were 563 stones, according to a listing in the 1904 book Restoration of the Ancient Burying Ground of Hartford and the Widening of Gold Street by the Ruth Wyllys Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. In 1877 CT State Librarian Charles J. Hoadley compiled a list of 526 stones and their epitaphs. This is reproduced in the book By Their Markers Ye Shall Know Them. Vital information from headstone inscriptions in over 2,000 Connecticut cemeteries was recorded in a W.P.A. project directed by Charles R. Hale ca. 1932-5. These records are available through genealogy websites.

Land acknowledgement: The Ancient Burying Ground and other Colonial-era burying grounds in Hartford, CT are situated on the ancestral lands of the Poquonook, Tunxis, Sicaog (Saukiog) and Wangunks people, as well as other tribal nations indigenous to this region.

Ancient Burying Ground, Hartford, CT: Genealogy & Research Resources

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Serving genealogists and family historians since 1947. Open to our members and the general public.

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