Open (free to public), 8:30am-5pm

Witchcraft Panic in Colonial CT

The Ancient Burying Ground - Hartford's Oldest Historic Site

Witchcraft Panic in Colonial Connecticut
Guided Tours led by Richard Ross III, Author of “Before Salem.
Saturday, October 21, 11am & 2pm and October 28, 11am

Tickets: $15 for ABGA Members; $25 for admission (includes an ABGA membership)  

Justice Meets Myth & Magic
Guided Tours led by Christine Jewell, Educator & ABGA Coordinator
Sundays, October 22 and 29
11am & 1pm
Tickets: Free for ABGA members; $15 for admission.

17th century witchcraft trials / guided tours

Richard S. Ross III is the author of Before Salem Witch Hunting in the CT River Valley, 1647-1663 and contributed his scholarship for the ABG brochure, Connecticut Colony Seventeeth-Century Witch Panic, which will be available at the tour. Dr. Ross holds a PhD in European history and is professor emeritus and former College Librarian from Trinity College. His research interests include European demonology and witchcraft in England and colonial America.

Christine Jewell giving tours of the exhibit "Accused" at the Fairfield Museum.

Christine Jewell is an educator and consultant with over 20 years of experience developing, leading, and promoting educational programs in the arts, history, and the humanities in Connecticut. She developed and led tours at the Fairfield Museum’s exhibit Accused: Fairfield’s Witchcraft Trials. She also produced a Teacher’s Institute and worked with educators to create a Teacher Guide on 17th century witchcraft trials history. She is currently the Coordinator for the Ancient Burying Ground and the 1636 Heritage Partnership.