Open (free to public), 8:30am-5pm

Mission & Board

The Ancient Burying Ground - Hartford's Oldest Historic Site

African American Monument


The Ancient Burying Ground Association works to preserve and restore Hartford’s oldest historic site and to educate the public about its role in the history of Colonial Connecticut and the new Republic. We aspire to:

  • Memorialize these sacred grounds and the heritage of Hartford;
  • Conserve, restore, enhance and maintain the Ancient Burying Ground;
  • Educate and enlighten our supporters and offer resources to the general public;
  • Foster research including literary, cultural, historical and genealogical.

Board of Directors

  • Ty Tryon, President
  • Kory Mills, Treasurer
  • Anne Holcombe, Secretary
  • Victoria Bradford
  • Emily Cahill
  • Brendan Clark
  • Molly Gilmore
  • Caitlin Green
  • Jon Harden
  • Jeff Marsted
  • Stephen Morris
  • Frederick W. Sawyer III

Ex Officio:

  • The Honorable Luke Bronin, Mayor of Hartford
  • Dr. Walter Woodward, Connecticut State Historian, UCONN Hartford
  • Robert Warren Storm

ABGA Representative:

  • Ruth Shapleigh-Brown

ABGA Coordinator:

  • Christine Jewell