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Continuing the Work Into a New Century and Millennium

The Ancient Burying Ground - Hartford's Oldest Historic Site

Nearly two centuries after the first organized effort at the Ancient Burying Ground, the work of preserving Hartford’s history carved in stone for future generations continues. Gravestones are conserved, preserved, repaired and replicated. Educational programs are offered to school groups and the public. Publications provide guidance for visitors interested in touring the graveyard. The physical site itself has been improved and upgraded. 

An abundance of information about the Ancient Burying Ground, some of it centuries old, some the result of recent pioneering research, as well as updates on current projects and activities, is made available through web sites and databases on the Internet to a global audience.

How you can help

The funding for these ongoing activities comes from a wide variety of sources: government grants, philanthropical foundations, the City of Hartford. Individual donations, large and small, go a long way in supporting the work of caring for the Ancient Burying Ground and creating educational tours, programs, and research.

  • Donations by check are accepted through the mail:
    P.O. Box 347
    Hartford CT 06141-0347
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  • For information on bequests, or donations of stock to the ABGA, please contact us.
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